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in Paralegal Practice: 

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Scotia Law Training provide Scotland's first and only Paralegal Modern Apprenticeship 

including outstanding support for Apprentices:


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  • Scotia's priority is to provide an outstanding training experience for every apprentice. 
  • It is a friendly, informal and personal service. 
  • Your legally qualified tutor will support you through the apprenticeship, so you will never be without assistance. 
  • Please see the outstanding Reviews provided by Scotia apprentices and their employers. 
  • You will receive a personalised handbook with your name and apprenticeship course information. 
  • You will be provided with user-friendly training packs, including mock documentation, to guide you through the training process, without any difficulty. 
  • Your training is supported by Scotia's online portal - a place where online learning occurs.
  • You will thoroughly enjoy your Paralegal Modern Apprenticeship. 

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Scotia Law Training. Scotland's first for Paralegal Modern Apprenticeships.