The Learning Experience

  • Scotia's priority is to provide an outstanding learning experience for every student.
  • You will have a directly contactable tutor, who will be a qualified solicitor in Scotland.
  • Your tutor will promptly deal with your queries, so you will never be without assistance.
  • It is a friendly, informal and personal service.
  • You will meet your tutor at an induction session (with refreshments provided) at Stirling University before you commence the distance learning.
  • The tutor will then support you by email, text or phone throughout the course.
  • Please see the outstanding Reviews provided by Scotia graduates.
  • You will have a telephone appointment with your tutor prior to the exam.
  • You receive a student handbook and notepad, personalised with your name and course.
  • Learning is supported by Scotia Online: a course website with online information about your timetable and links to legal sources.
  • You will have free access to the library at Stirling University.
  • You will thoroughly enjoy studying for your paralegal qualification!

The Learning Materials

  • You will be provided with two (Certificate) or four (Diploma) 40,000 to 50,000 word learning packs, the product of hundreds of hours of original legal research by solicitors working in education, as well as a set of mock supporting documents with each.
  • The depth and detail of the learning packs is unsurpassed, covering the key skills in the discipline, expertly explained and fully citing legal sources: Acts of Parliament, cases, statutory instruments and Law Society of Scotland Practice Rules.
  • They are being continuously reviewed and renewed to take account of legal developments.
  • You read, say, 3 to 6 pages of text, then answer a number of case studies, which are the sorts of queries occurring in legal practice, and check your answers with those at the rear of the pack, then contact your tutor with any queries.
  • The mock documentation shows you examples of the documents to be prepared, then you study the detailed explanation of how to do this in the learning pack, as well as the law enabling you to thoroughly understand the legal basis for this.
  • Professional tasks are part of the assessment process, incorporated into each learning pack.