"The service and care offered to students throughout the course – on both a personal and academic level – was outstanding. The tutors have been at once thoroughly professional and highly competent in their knowledge of legal matters (and are clearly highly experienced and respected professionals in the field of Scots law); at the same time they have shown personal approachability, care and concern for the welfare of students following the module, and have conducted themselves and the course with great competence and integrity.

The concern for students on the day of the final examination was excellent, and the telephone support in advance of the day was comprehensive and unstinting. I would have no hesitation whatever, on this basis, in recommending the entire programme to others."

Patrick, Graduate Diploma in Law (Criminal Litigation)(Stirling)

"I found the course straightforward to understand, and each module built upon what had been covered in the previous modules. The variety of assessments set were a good way of testing the knowledge developed during each module.

The materials were very thorough which meant that I only had to refer to other sources occasionally for added information. The books recommended were also excellent.

They covered all the necessary information without going too far (i.e. there was never a point when the amount of information provided became too much or confusing).

I found the whole service to be excellent. The tutor was very enthusiastic about the subject area and was always more than ready to help if needed, however the materials provided were so good that it was usually possible to work things out. I was very pleased to have chosen this course and really enjoyed studying it.

I’ve rated everything as excellent other than the accommodation. I rated it as very good as it was perfectly suitable, but a little difficult to find! I wouldn’t really class that as a problem though."

Angus, Graduate Diploma in Law (Civil Litigation)(Stirling)

"The whole learning experience has been first class. With the informative and easy to understand learning materials along with the invaluable support of my tutor, I have completed the certificate part of the course and am now looking forward to continuing with the diploma.

The learning materials are very easy to understand, well-structured and informative. The case study questions at the end of each chapter give you a chance to test your knowledge before checking your own answer with the answers at the back of the learning pack. The supporting documents give great examples of completed forms making them easier to understand.

Introductory sessions are very relaxed and informal giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and also to meet your tutor. The coursework and timetable are given at the introductory sessions and everything is thoroughly explained over a cup of tea or coffee (and biscuit!).

The service provided has been excellent, from the introductory session, to the learning materials and not to mention the support from my tutor, who was always ready to help regardless of how silly my questions may have been! The assessments and case studies submitted throughout the course prepare you for the practical aspects of working within your chosen role and also test your understanding. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wishing to work in the legal sector.

I think the overall service provided is excellent and for me personally worked 100%."

Fiona, Graduate Certificate in Law (Conveyancing)(Stirling)

"I found the introductory session to be a very helpful and encouraging starting point for the course. I was nervous at first about doing the course but my worries and nerves were soon eased at the introductory session. The overall service was excellent and the personal aspect of the introductory session and knowing that you could email the lecturers with any concerns helped me greatly. The course really is great for anyone wanting to learn and work in the legal sector."

Noreen, Graduate Certificate in Law (Civil Litigation)(Stirling)

"Scotia Law Training are very professional but also very personable and likeable, providing a friendly and genuine service to students."

Becky, Graduate Certificate in Law (Debt Recovery)(Stirling)

"Very thorough and comprehensive course. The course content was laid out and easy to understand within the packs as a whole. Feedback positive and encouraging at all times. Munro was extremely helpful whenever I had a question or perhaps did not quite grasp something - nothing was too much trouble when I contacted him.

Easy to follow learning packs, good to have the answers to check yours to. They are concise and not too complicated therefore able to understand easily. They also state what books you need and what sections to read in them as and when needed.

A clear course content was provided and explained. It was easy to know dates things were due and what was due when. Munro very welcoming and encouraged all aspects of the course which made me even keener to learn. Helen also very welcoming.

The course as a whole was really enjoyable and well worth completing. I am happy that I chose to do it.

Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone who is keen to develop their knowledge in the areas which are taught by Scotia Law. It was really enjoyable from start to finish.

Thanks for everything!"

Louise, Graduate Diploma in Law (Wills & Executries)(Stirling)

"Sponsoring Fiona on the course, to train for Registered Paralegal status, has been one of our best decisions. This has allowed her to carry out tasks, reducing the workload of our solicitors. Thus, Fiona is able to liaise with clients, provide them with advice, instruct counsel at court hearings and assist in the preparation of cases. We would have no hesitation in recommending the excellent course provided by Scotia Law Training."

Callahan McKeown & Co Ltd, Defence Lawyers, Renfrew

"The materials are very thorough. I can't think of any negative aspects at all. From initial application, the introductory session and throughout the course, someone is always available and willing to help you. Everything is so well explained and written that learning it is easy and knowing someone is at the end of the phone (or e-mail!) is a great comfort as you will never be stuck."

Laura, Graduate Certificate in Law (Civil Litigation)(Stirling)

"I am delighted to have passed and owe yourself and Helen grateful thanks for leading me so amiably into a completely new arena. It has been fascinating."

Heather, Graduate Certificate in Law (Criminal Litigation)(Stirling)