• A University of Stirling Graduate Diploma in Law provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the paralegal practice and law required in a particular specialism, e.g., conveyancing; as well as key legal skills such as interviewing, negotiating and advocacy; and professional compliance and ethics.
  • This is the most relevant and in-depth distance learning available for Paralegal Registration in Scotland.
  • To become a Law Society of Scotland Registered Paralegal, you need to gain entry to the Registered Paralegal scheme and demonstrate the required competencies, during a one year traineeship with a legal employer.
  • The Graduate Diploma in Law is an entry qualification for the scheme and is the only qualification that has its content aligned with all the competencies required for "sign-off" as a Registered Paralegal, thus preparing you for that role.
  • Thus, this prepares you for the Registered Paralegal profession.
  • Furthermore, the course enhances the promotion prospects of those in occupations involving the law, e.g., civil servants and others.
  • The University of Stirling Graduate Diploma in Law and Graduate Certificate in Law are the only university-awarded qualifications providing paralegal training in Scotland.